Do you have the desire to give your home a facelift…but you don’t have the money to buy the big ticket items you are longing for? We hear that often from our customers, and I assure them that no matter their budget or decorating style; simple, quick and affordable design ideas can make a big impact in your home! Walk around your home, take stock of what you have (what you love and what you would like to change.) Think creatively, look at design magazines for ideas, and get started. The change you are dreaming of is just around the corner.

Periodically, I feel the need to share some simple design ideas with my customers. Here is my new and updated list:

  1. Add oversized pillows to your couches, stagger the sizes and textures.
  2. Find a beautiful mirror and lean it against your mantle. Or, for a true design statement, buy a large, statement mirror and lean it against your wall.
  3. Hang sheer fabric on iron drapery rods. You can let them hang or pin them to the side.
  4. Stack interesting books around your home (on tables, on book shelves). They add warmth and are interesting conversation starters. (Check out used book stores, library sales, antique stores).
  5. Make over desks, tables or other pieces of furniture that you have grown tired of (I’ve done this more times than I can count). Check out your local home depot for a variety of finishes.
  6. Wall paper your ceiling. It can really alter a room and make a big design statement.
  7. You can stack vintage suitcases or chests (both of which you can pick up pretty inexpensively) next to your bed or in front of your bed, and it doubles as storage.
  8. Dress up wall to wall carpet or hard wood floors with interesting area rugs or oriental rugs.
  9. Do you have an empty fireplace mantel? Create interesting arrangements on there (or update the arrangement you currently have.) Think candles, interesting vases, mirrors (you can hang them or lean them) and of course pictures frames.
  10. Find interesting lamps for end tables (search antique stores.)
  11. Are your walls bare? Search for interesting art to hang, and don’t forget you can mix more expensive art with less expensive pieces (you are the only one that will know).
  12. Check out furniture stores (high and low end), you would be surprised at some of the home accessories they carry.)
  13. Have your children outgrown their bedrooms? Create a project that also provides an opportunity to bond with them. Have fun together as you update their rooms (you can paint together, stencil a wall, hang shelves to showcase their own works of art, pictures, etc, and shop together for inexpensive accessories.
  14. Do you have a guest bedroom that can use a lift? Add interesting baskets to store magazines or to store extra pillows, blankets, etc. Add a side table for your guests, on which you can place a pitcher for water, a glass, radio, alarm clock, etc.
  15. Change the hardware on your drawers or cabinets.
  16. Turn a spare closet into a home office, or if you are artsy you can turn it into a craft area.
  17. Place candles around your house, or incense (interesting incense burners) and light them.
  18. Add a beautiful vase to your tables and fill them with flowers, or fruit, or floating candles (get creative.)
  19. Update bathrooms by simply changing your accent colors (towels, soap dispensers) or paint an accent wall. Change your mirror (to something out of the ordinary.) Hang some art.
  20. Buy trees (real or artificial) to add to any room in your house (this always makes a statement.)

Have fun….. making a few changes in your home can bring you joy and a new outlook on life. Feel good about your home!!

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A change will do you good!

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