BathIt is hard to believe; we blink and our children have grown from babies to young adults. If you are like me, your last baby is gone and your nest is empty. Through the realization, the initial tearful nights, the bittersweet memories, (and if you are like my wife, the desire to throw them back in their car seats and start over), keep in mind that there is a light at the end of that very long tunnel.  After the many years of sacrificing for your children (and it is “our joy”), the house is now yours again.  You can redecorate!

Start small: The closets:

You can start small and begin to de-clutter your home.  Go through their rooms,  get rid of old clothes they will never wear and high school books/papers that have piled up. Clean out their closets.  What you will discover is that you have more storage space….for you. What woman hasn’t dreamed of finally having a beautiful closet, all to herself.  Go ahead, renovate that empty space and make it your own.

The bedrooms:

If your last child just “flew the nest” and headed to college, you may not be ready to fully renovate their room.  You want them to come home to their “creature comforts.”  So start with small changes; painting the room, changing their bed from twin to a full size bed (which can now double as a guest room) and give the room a face lift with some grown up touches.  Or, perhaps your children are grown (“fully responsible adults”) and the room is all yours. In that case, the possibilities are endless. Their room can become your heart’s desire; a gym, a guest room, an office, a meditation room, a closet, an art room or a library. Finally, you get to choose!!  And you deserve it. Plan, get creative and have fun!

The bathroom(s):

If you are like many homeowners, your bathrooms have not been updated for years. And time will take its toll on the bathroom, especially the one’s your children were using. The possibilities for updated bathrooms are endless. Life is now about you! Think about the color palette you want, and the amenities you have dreamed of whether it is a walk in shower, a Jacuzzi or a free standing tub, extra storage, a make-up area, and the list goes on. Go shopping, browse design magazines. Dream big!

Your living space:

You can make upgrades, no matter your budget. You may want to totally redecorate your living room or family room. We have been known to pass on our “gently used” furniture to our young adult children, giving us an excuse (or permission) to buy new. Or you might want to just give your space a facelift; painting the walls, adding some art work, reupholstering your furniture. The possibilities are endless.

Where do you begin?

If this is your time, and you are mulling over the thought of making changes in your home, reach out to Myles Albert of Interior Excellence. Interior Excellence is an interior renovations company that can turn your desires into a reality. We are a one-stop-design-shop that has been serving your community for the past three past decades. We specialize in bathroom, kitchen and basement remodels. Do you want a change, but you need some design ideas or advice? With years of design experience, we will help with design ideas, take you shopping and pass on our designer discounts to you.

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