Ultimately, we all fall back on our inherent nature. We may walk erect and go forth into the sunlight for hunting and gathering, but how we like to relax at the end of our long, hard day is in our man/woman cave; aka “the fabulous finished basement”.

Ask fifty people to define their fantasy man/woman cave and chances are you will get fifty different answers. And, that is the beauty of creating your own cave… you can let your imaginations soar and you get to do it your way!

My wife would tell you that after her long day at work, and of course after her fabulous dinner (ready and waiting for her, and created by yours truly) she wants nothing more than to retreat to her woman cave; for a full workout in her state of the art gym we designed (to her specifications} in the basement. Me, I rather head down to my mancave; the media room we created in the basement, and binge-watch my favorite netflicks shows. And, on select Friday nights, I host the neighborhood poker game in our game room. And the “kid cave” has changed from a toy room when they were young, only to make room for a young adult game room; pool table, ping pong table and air hockey table included. Small basement or large, we can work together to meet your family needs.

Look inward and dream big. At Interior Excellence, we will work with you to create the basement of your dreams. And, if you are falling short of ideas, we are there to guide you. We have designed and created magnificent (if I do say so myself) media rooms, game rooms, lounges, guest rooms, bathrooms, bars, and kitchens. You are bound only by your imagination.

Interior Excellence is an interior renovations company that can make your desires into a reality. We specialize in kitchen, bathroom and basement renovations. We are a One Stop Design Shop, and can meet all of your design and renovation needs. You deal only with us, and we handle permits, architectural plans, plumbing, electrical, flooring and all design needs. We take you shopping, provide you with 30 plus years of design expertise and pass our designer discounts on to you.

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