Perhaps I am aging myself, but then again, I can own my age.  Does anyone else recall watching “Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous” with Robin Leach in the 1980’s? We would all tune in while Mr. Leach would profile the lavish lifestyles of the Hollywood elite and end all of his shows with the oh so famous quote, “Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams.” For most of us (or at least those within my inner circle) these were distant dreams. We came to realize that “this was how the other half lived.” While unique in its day, today we can’t turn on the television without seeing the barrage of reality “movie stars” and their upscale life style choices. How did this distant dream become so common-place?

While most of my blogs focus on “getting the biggest bang for your buck” within your own personal budget, it is also fun to dream. And I am here to tell you, even on a budget (which of course is relative), we can all make some of our dreams a reality.

What are the most common upscale ideas that we can incorporate into home renovations? Let me name a few.

  • Basement renovations including home gyms (mirrored walls, gym equipment (elliptical machine, treadmills), wall mounted televisions with streaming services, recessed lighting and a refrigerator for water breaks or healthy shakes. Imagine; improving your home and your physique.
  • Adding on an extra bedroom or bathroom to the basement is often viewed as a must (guests that come to stay no longer need to sleep in your kids rooms or share your bathrooms.)
  • Gaming rooms (often in the basement) can be created at very little cost and add a lifetime of fun for your family. Think pool tables, ping-pong tables, foosball tables, chess tables, card tables, poker tables (need I go on?)
  • Media rooms (often in basements) including reclining chairs, big screen TV’s and surround sound. With movies coming to “the small screen” (do we still call it that) so quickly, why not watch from the comfort of your home.
  • Build a wine cellar. I think you will agree that nothing spells “high end” like your very own wine cellar. Red? White? Start collecting now.
  • Exterior renovations that include siding and fresh paint can totally change the appearance of your home, from “drab to fab”.
  • Renovate your existing deck, or build a new one. A deck is a perfect way to increase living space while adding to the beauty (and value) of your home.
  • While you are adding to your backyard, think about an outside game area. I know my wife has always wanted one of those large chess sets, which she sees as “tons of fun for all”, and if you have older children you will agree that adding space for volleyball games equates to hours of fun.  An upside for parents; you know exactly where your children are.
  • Adding a fire pit to your backyard in my (personal and professional) opinion, is a way to add warmth and joy to your home (for “you and yours”.) And really, who can resist toasting marshmallows and eating smores?
  • Think about adding a hot tub, either to your deck or to your backyard. Guaranteed to upgrade your lifestyle, not to mention years of relaxation for your family. In today’s fast paced world, the ability to unwind at the end of a stressful day/week is a luxury that can easily become yours.
  • Think about updating your outdated kitchens, adding beautiful countertops and backsplashes, upgrading your lighting, state of the art appliances, oversized refrigerator/freezers, under the counter microwaves, and touch sensor faucets. Think about changing your doors; pantry doors that are etched glass and French doors that lead from the kitchen to the outside (for those of us whose kitchens face the back.)
  • Think about upgrading your bathrooms by adding heated floors, refrigerated medicine cabinets, towel warming drawers, jacuzzi’s, stand alone tubs, or steam showers.
  • When renovating your living space, think about built in book shelves to store books and collectibles (maybe a library ladder), televisions that are stored below in cabinets and pop up when needed.

The “Life Styles of the Rich and Famous”  continues to be glamorized for all to see, on any reality show on any given channel. What we do know is that if we care to dream, all of us can make some of that our reality, even on a budget.

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