With summer drawing to an end (as we hold on to and savor every last moment of sun and fun) our minds can’t but help wonder to our projects for the upcoming year.

Are you dreaming of tackling those home renovations that you have been putting off?  Perhaps for you it is a kitchen, basement or bathroom remodel. But where do you start? If you have an eye for design, you know exactly what you want. But perhaps (like many other home owners) you want a change but you need design help/advise. Whatever your situation, we have your answer.

Enter Interior Excellence, an interior renovations company that has been serving your community for the past three plus decades. Myles Albert, of Interior Excellence, advises that first and for most, you must find a contractor with whom you have the utmost confidence and you can build a trusting, fun and healthy working relationship; after all, this is your project, your dream! (We encourage you to take our reference sheet and call our prior customers.  We have built our reputation on their satisfaction and glowing reviews).

Interior Excellence is an interior renovations company that can make your desires into a reality. We are a one-stop-design shop that can meet all of your design and renovations needs. Do you feel like you want a change, but you need some help with design and clarifying “your vision.” With thirty plus years of design experience, we will provide you with design ideas (if desired), we will take you shopping and pass on our designer discounts to you. You will deal only with us and we handle permits, architectural plans, plumbing, electrical, and flooring.

Don’t just dream it….. Do it!

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