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But “full disclosure”, in our thirty plus years of renovating, one our greatest joys is renovating a child’s room, be it an infant, toddler, tween or teen. Perhaps it is even more special now that my own children are grown and have left “their nest.” Or, perhaps it is the joy I see in parents eyes, as they decorate for their “babies” (regardless of age).  Whatever the case, we get a thrill out of remodeling for the “up and comers.” From the smallest of rooms to the largest of spaces, it is all special for parent and child.

Where to get started: 

  • For children sharing a room, you can place beds perpendicular to one another, with a night table in-between.
  • If you have a boy and girl sharing a room, you can place a bed on either side of the room, and put a divider down the center, either by using storage space or by hanging a curtain down the center. Get creative, you can match or custom design each side, according to taste.
  • There is always the tried and true bunk beds
  • For girls rooms, think about a canopy over the bed (can little girls, or their parents, resist?)
  • For boys or girls, you can loft the bed (think dorms), with the bed on top, a desk or play station underneath.
  • Day beds are great for a small space, with a trundle underneath (pull the bottom out to sleep, push it underneath when awake…. Hiding the covers in the closet, perfect for kids who don’t have to make the bed).


  • For young children, keep things at their height (lower the rod in the closet)
  • Use beds with built in drawers
  • Inside closet doors, utilize multi pocket organizers, where girls can store jewelry, and boys can store toys and action figures/
  • Invest in an armoire, which grows with a child, from storing clothes to storing TV’s.


  • Cork boards on walls (you can wainscot the bottom and cork the top)
  • Murals on walls (painted by an artist or ones that hang like wallpaper)
  • For the truly adventurous, install a Rock Climbing Walls
  • Build a small teepee (have fun painting your own), for private time (today’s tent)
  • Use chalkboard paint (you can wainscot the bottom and chalkboard the top)
  • Geometric shapes and stripes are in (think walls, carpets)
  • Monogrammed pillows are always special
  • Enlarge your kids artwork and hang it up

No matter what age your child is, and no matter your taste; Get Creative and Have Fun!!

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