Kitchen RemodelingSo, to coin a phrase, let’s talk about “ fake news.” I’m going to dispel common contractor’s bull. Read my few short tips and you will never fall prey to a “conman” again!

  1. Never substitute cheap goods on any job! Do not let any contractor talk you into a cheap (read “inferior”) product. Trust me, when it falls apart quickly (and it will), you will have to pay double to tear it out and do it the right way. (And… you will be charged AGAIN to do that.)
  1. Don’t cover up a problem “with lipstick” and think it’s resolved. Case in point, placing fiberglass inserts over an old bath and shower area and thinking you have a new bathroom. We have all seen the advertisements; promising you great results, if you just “cover up your old tub.” I have seen the finished product. Trust me, it doesn’t look (or wear) as promised. And always remember, in the end, it is cheaper to do things the right way, the first time,
  1. I beg you, please don’t place new granite countertops on old kitchen cabinets and think you’re going to convince yourself (or others) that you have a new kitchen. It looks strange, and I can guarantee you that in the end, you won’t be happy. More than that, you will be sorry.
  1. Don’t think you can paint cinderblock walls and cement floors and call it a finished basement. It is just not possible.
  1. Never let a contractor tell you to order everything and they will install it. Unless you are a contractor yourself (and most homeowners are not), how would you possibly know what to order? (What measurements? What products?). First you are left waiting for your parts to come in. And then you are left waiting for the contractor to come back to begin the job. Many contractors do business this way. I have heard the horror stories. Trust me when I tell you, it is a recipe for disaster. You do not want to learn this the hard way.

Think about it. Why do you hire a contractor to remodel a kitchen, a bathroom, or finish a basement? Because you don’t know how to complete the task yourself, or you just don’t have the time. You want a quality product. You deserve that! You are going to do this one time. Do It Right!

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