Living here on the East Coast, the elements of the seasons not only impact our daily lives (and activities), but they “can do a number” on the exterior of our homes. Many of our customers come to us feeling frustrated, that overtime their homes have begun to look unkempt, but they don’t know where to begin in tackling this huge project. We know that to the homeowner, changing the outer appearance of your home can seem overwhelming (both financially and emotionally), but if you weigh the pros and cons, along with your options, you might find out it is more manageable than you think!

Interior Excellence is a one-stop-design-shop that has been designing homes for three plus decades. Allow us to help break this down for you and together we can explore your many options.

Changing the exterior of your home is a huge transformation. Not only will you give your home a facelift and add to the value of your home, you will also make your home more energy efficient. Your options include vinyl siding which comes in a variety of colors and textures, and can also mimic stone and wood. Vinyl siding has little to no maintenance and the project costs will depend on the size of your home and the siding materials of your choice. Other exterior options include wood siding which can add warmth to your home, but does require dedicated maintenance (depending on the wood you choose and the finishing you use.) Other options include fiber cement (which can be molded to mimic shingles, stucco or wood clapboard), and and stucco, which is extremely durable (can be done in beautiful colors) and can be used in combination with other sidings.

Summer is (all too quickly) coming to an end, and fall is in the air. If you are mulling around the possibility of transforming your exterior, then the time is upon you. Reach out to Myles Albert of Interior Excellence and book a free in-home estimate. Myles will work closely with you, to discuss your ideas, provide you with design ideas (if you are in need), and take you shopping for your project. His crews are fully licensed, honest, reliable and they will work together to get your job completed on time and within budget. Interior Excellence will leave you smiling. They have built their reputation on it!

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