If you are living on the East Coast, I think you would agree that we spend most of the year, yearning for summer. And when it is upon us, we make the most of it. Whether we use our  backyards for swimming in our pools, holding barbeques for family and friends, enjoying night time gatherings on your deck, roasting marshmallows in your fire pit or just relaxing on the deck, the memories we create in our backyards are priceless.

At Interior Excellence, we are here to help you enhance those lazy days of summer. Do you have an existing deck that you want expanded or have you been dreaming of building a new deck onto your home? No matter your budget, we can help turn your dream into a reality. Whether you want to build a simple platform outside of your home, a small, medium or multi-level deck, we are here to guide you.  If you want to extend your outdoor living space, but are unsure how to do that, we can provide you with many choices and options. With expertise in design as well as construction; we are happy to offer design advice and vision. If you can envision it, we can create it.

Many of us recall the old fashioned decks made from wood, which splintered when you walked on it. However, at Interior Excellence, we will educate you on the advances in technology and the amazing alternatives to those traditional wood decks. Many of these alternatives are resistant to stains, splinters, scratches and mildew. They are also insect and waterproof.

With three decades of experience behind us, licensed and reputable craftsmen and happy customers, we pride ourselves on our reputation and with only a phone call, we can be at your service.

Call Myles Albert at (908) 218-0200 to schedule your free in-home estimate today.