Bathroom Remodeling“Tis the Season” for so many things.  “Tis the season” for decorating for the holidays, for celebrations with our families, for surprising our children, instilling the holiday spirit, and for reaching out to help those less fortunate than ourselves. “Tis the season” for reflecting on the past year (taking stock of where we have been) and for setting goals for the upcoming year (and where we want to go.)

In the Interior Renovation business, we see it as a time to also take stock of our homes; those changes that are necessary (as every homeowner knows only too well) and of those more lofty changes, the ones we have been dreaming of.

And, while we are dreaming, “Tis the Season” to look ahead to some of the upcoming trends of 2018. And a word of “interior renovation” wisdom; take full advantage of those holiday sales, the time is now!

Upcoming Trends:

  • Exquisite bathroom remodels; enlarging the space, spa like, ceramic or marble tiles, soft colors, minimalist designs, Mediterranean designs, expanded storage, chrome or brass hardware,
  • Fabulous kitchen remodels; open, clean designs, large sinks (copper, stone), integrated appliances, wood like floors, colors range from neutrals with dark accents to bold and vivid shades. Black and white are always classic.
  • Full basement renovations; media rooms, home office space, in-home gyms, wine cellars, guest rooms and full baths.
  • The use of wood; natural woods or dark woods
  • Minimalistic designs; simple or high tech
  • Pillows and accents in vivid or soft colors (what pleases your palette?)
  • Leather furniture, oversized furniture
  • The use of natural stones (marble, granite, pebbles)
  • The use of brass (think sculptures, sconces, candlesticks, frames)
  • Classic Designs (think black and white) to the avant-gard (get creative, let your imagination soar)
  • Mixing inexpensive and high end trends


Interior Excellence is an interior renovations company that can make your desires into a reality. We specialize in kitchen, bathroom and basement renovations. We are a One Stop Design Shop, and we can meet all of your design and renovation needs. You deal only with us, and we handle permits, architectural plan, plumbing, electrical, flooring and all design needs. We take you shopping, provide you with 30 plus years of design experience (from classic designs to the avant-garde) and we pass our designer discounts on to you.

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